Accept your fate and catch covid

Headline: Boris Johnson Believed Old People Should ‘Accept Their Fate’ And Catch Covid. The shocking revelation… This is not shocking to me because I was told essentially this same thing about the disabled by a senior staffer of Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party US […]

Public comment to CDC HICPAC committee

My name is Chloe Humbert I don’t want to be forced into exposure to multiple infections when I need to seek healthcare. I almost died from infection twice in my life because of inadequate investment in healthcare in 2 different countries. If […]

Aerosol transmission & respirator masks, a PPE timeline

They knew: the CDC is well aware of aerosol transmission and the ways to protect people from infectious disease using respirator masks and the precautionary principle. September 2017 September 2019 U.S. Healthcare and Elastomeric Respirators, Lew Radonovich, MD, AOHP National Conference, Baltimore, […]